Chapter 15: You can't refuse any other~


Zan You'er licked for a long time because she was inexperienced, and upset.
Her teeth accidentally hit the head of Hang Jiyun's քɛռɨֆ, and then he gently pinched her chin and raised her head:


“Okay, that's fine.”


” Hey, why is it hot?”


His small face was covered and pushed back; her eyes were covered, and her two hands kept flapping forward, and the sound of grunting came from behind the big palm.


When he let go of Zan You'er, the trousers had already been put on, and he was buckling the belt with both hands.


Zan You'er looked at his movements with some pity, she hasn't played enough…


“If you want to continue, it's not just as simple as taking off the top.”


Hang Jiyun buckled the belt, looked at her skirt, and his eyes were blank.
There are no waves.


“No, no, that's fine.”


She waved her hand and refused.
Realizing that she hadn't put on her jacket, she turned around, buttoned it up, zipped it up, and turned back.


Zan You'er looked at Ke Hongming with a dark face on the opposite side, wondering why he was angry for some strange reason.
Jiang Tairan called Song Luan to continue dealing cards.


Perhaps it was because they thought they had played tricks on Ke Hongming enough times.
This time, Song Luan was the one who got the king.
The order he assigned was like a ֆʊɨƈɨɖɛ attack when she didn't know who the object was.


He ordered her to go to the toilet for 10 minutes at 2 o'clock.
During these ten minutes, no matter what request they make, she cannot refuse, and the other three people do what they want in the classroom.


So You'er set her watch to alarm by 2 o'clock and demanded emphatically that anyone with a flashlight lend her one.
She has heard of the seven wonders of the campus, and she is most afraid of the school toilet at night.


However, several people did not bring their mobile phones, let alone a flashlight, so she could only carefully move to the toilet with Song Luan, who was standing by and waiting.


When they went out, Ke Hongming stared at Song Luan with eyes as cold as ice, and the corner of his mouth raised a trace of ridicule:


“Like mother, like son.”


Hearing this, Song Luan's gentle smile darkened.
He turned his head and looked at Ke Hongming, without any warmth between his eyebrows and eyes:


“Like a father, like a son.”


He looked at Ke Hongming with laziness and provocation in his eyes; the arc of his mouth was cold, but he said to Zan Youer:


“Let's go, you, no matter what order I give.
You can't refuse~”


The door was closed, and Song Luan returned to her gentle and jade-like appearance.


Zan You'er walked towards the toilet with trembling legs, tightly pulling Song Luan beside her, and complained that there was no one living near the school, which was equivalent to a closed structure.


Many schools used to be cemeteries, schools built to keep ghosts at bay, and there are some unmarked graves around.


She was a little afraid of ghosts, and was frightened several times by her deskmate, who made up ghost stories, and her group members definitely knew about it.


Thinking about this, she looked at Song Luan with a dissatisfied pout:


“Song Luan, why do we have to go to the bathroom…it's scary.”


Song Luan lowered his head to look at her, who was tightly holding on to the corner of his clothes.
Zan You'er chuckled a few times:


“Because it's the best place, if it's outside or in the classroom, it's really inconvenient.”


“Why is it inconvenient?”


She opened her big, round eyes.
Blinking a few times, she asked a question ignorantly.


The smile on Song Luan's lips deepened, and he just asked back:


  ”Is You'er scared?”


After getting a very firm answer, he hugged Zan You'er and asked her to spread her legs and clamp her waist:


  ” Hugging me so tightly, will you still be afraid?”


Thanks to his height advantage of 187, Zan You'er, who is exactly 160, can be hugged in his arms without any effort.


Although she was being hugged by him like this, with a sense of security covering her whole body, Zan You'er was still a little uncomfortable.
She thought about it and shyly said to Song Luan:


“Could you please put me down? I'm not scared hahaha…”


His side is against me…
This posture can be felt too clearly…!


But Song Luan just laughed lightly, and the arms around her delicate body tightened a bit.
He lowered his head and leaned his lips against Zan You'er's ear, and with a gentle voice, he said softly:


“You shouldn't be afraid of someone There are no ghosts, you should be afraid of other things…”


Saying this, he deliberately pushed her buttocks with the heat under his body and was extremely happy because Zan Youer's body stiffened suddenly.


“For ten minutes, you need to do everything that I order you to do”


These words are tender and sweet, and there are many subtexts hidden.

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