Chapter 06: Since we are going to travel together, the first step is taking a bath

“Hey, Set.”

“Hmm, what?”

“Aren’t you shocked? Being denied everything about yourself and kicked out of the Hero Party?”

“I’m in shock.
I’m still in tears.”

But Satis felt uncomfortable with Set, who was moving briskly for that matter, and smiled bitterly.

When walking through the forest, he always kept his posture low and paid close attention to his surroundings.

Perhaps because of the battle earlier, he was much more restless.

“Hey, I can’t find the reason for you to be moving like this.”

“The Demon King’s territory is still close, there might be a possibility of assassin archers and snipers ……”.

While saying that, Set continued to crawl ahead of him.

The fact that he was a former young soldier made him very cautious.

“Oh my God! Please walk normally!”

“If Satis says it should be okay, I’ll do that.”

He stood up and brushed off the mud.

“Hey, if the Demons show up again…..”.

“You can’t move, can you? Don’t worry I will take care of it.”

Set answered without hesitation.

Satis felt relieved, but also a little confused.

“I’m sorry.
I’ll be ready to fight right away.”

“If you don’t want to fight, don’t fight.
Soldiers should do that.”

“You’re no longer a soldier, are you?”

“…Yeah, that’s right.”

Set answered shortly.
Then the duo took a break at a place a little further on.

They were just a bit far from exiting the forest as they savored the fruit from the morning.

“Satis, you are good at peeling fruits.”

She borrowed the knife from Set and peeled the fruit with a crisp, clean motion.
Set watched the scene with a twinkle in his eye.

“I’m good at using my hands.Cut it up nicely.
There you have it.”

The cut fruits were placed on a plate borrowed from the lodge and handed over to him.
Seto immediately took a bite.

“It’s delicious.”

“You are overreacting to a single fruit.
When you were a member of the party, you must have eaten much better food.”

“No, I didn’t eat much.
I was…an outcast.


“I could only fight and was not able to do anything else.
It was always clumsy.
I always ate in the dark, out of everyone’s sight.”

“Then there was that time, too.”

“That was a long time ago.
At that time, I tried to repay the Heroes but I was pale and dizzy.
Oh, at that time, the Magician Angelica and the Monk Maclaine helped me recover later…”

“Until then, you were hungry and unconscious.
Did you fight me in the middle of the night?!? Even then, it was so stupid of you…”

“… I’m used to it on the battlefield, don’t worry about it.”

Saying that, Set started eating the sliced fruit again.

After being hit by all that h**l, this time he helped me, who was his enemy, and said that we should travel together.

Normally, another person would be thinking of revenge, or instead would take her captive to avenge their past grudge.

That was a normal reaction.
However, Set did not think about such things at all, and tried to survive despite the sadness he felt.

Satis felt a strange kind of pain in her chest as she watched Set eating the fruit from the plate.

She placed her own piece of fruit near him.

“Don’t you want some? Moga…..

“I don’t have much of an appetite.
Please eat.”

“Are you sure you don’t mind? You can’t ask me to give it back later.

“Please finish eating that mouthful of food first, okay? I mean, don’t talk while you eat.”

After swallowing the food in his mouth, Set took the fruit that was for Satis without hesitation and began to eat it vigorously.

Satis, who was silently watching him, took out a canteen of water from the space and handed it to him.

“Mugu, fugu……bad.”

“You should chew your food a little more.”

Satis was able to use space magic to store daily necessities and take them out whenever she needed.

Daily necessities such as cosmetics and clothes, and others.

Food and water from near the mountain hut could also be stored by her magic, making it easy to carry around.

It could be said as an upgraded version of the technique of Set being able to summon his Magic Sword from space.

“Phew, I ate it.
Your technique is really useful.”

“Even Set has something similar, right?”

“I can only use it to store my Magic Sword.
I tried to store something else once but it malfunctioned.
I was really angry at that time.”

“What are you doing? More importantly, what do you want to do once we leave the forest??”

Set didn’t really know what he wanted to do after leaving the forest.

“I don’t know, I have never had such experience.”

The thought of wanting to move on was swirling within Set’s mind.

“For the time being, if I leave the forest… I want to go to town.”

“Town, huh? If so, I know a good place.
It’s far from the Demon King’s territory, there’s no danger of monsters, and it’s a place where you can relax.”

“Is there such a town…”

With that the destination was decided.

Satis body started to fill with a newfound vigor once the destination was decided.

The duo started walking again, trying to spend a leisurely time now. 

Satis seemed to be having fun as her expression was filled with vitality.

“Were you looking forward to going to the town?”

“Of course.
I’ve had my eye on that town for a while.
That town is famous for its public bathhouse.”

“A bath, huh? I like it.
Can you take a long soak there? Is there a time limit?”

“There is no time limit, but it is better not to soak for a long time because you will get hot.
Oh, that’s right, actually, there are also mixed baths.
I think boys would love to go there.
Well, you can’t enter due to age restrictions~.”

“Mixed bathing? What’s that? At my age, I can’t do that yet?”

“You don’t know about ……? It’s boring.”

Even though her words weren’t sharp, the expression on Satis’s face while she teased lightly, seemed much brighter than before.

It seemed like a good sign to Set so he smiled back and moved forward together.

“By the way, Set, do you have any money?”

“Eh, do you have money?”

“I thought so.”

“Is this bad?”

“It’s fine, I have some human currency.”

Set agreed with Satis’s suggestion.

It was not often that one got to rest their body.

Just the thought of it brought some emotions to Set’s mind.

“Are you looking forward to …… it, Set?”

“Yes! I see.
Is this what……enjoyment feels like? I didn’t think I could have fun in everyday life.”

“Fufufu, let’s go.”

Satis reached out, so Set took her hand.

Together with Satis, Set set out to enter a world that he would not have been able to experience as a young soldier.

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