Chapter 05: I shall protect you amidst a bloodbath

“You little brat!”

The Boar Demon rushed forward like a cannonball fired from a huge cannon, the Demon pointed its huge body at Set and came rushing toward him, roaring with all its might.

The distance between Set and the Demon was not that long.

The acceleration was outstanding due to the strong physique peculiar to Demons.

If this attack had continued, it was possible to kill both of them at once.


“Draw Sword…….”

Immediately after Set muttered this, at a distance of two meters from each other, the Magic Sword sprang into action.

It was no longer in Set’s hand as it emerged from the feet of the demon.


The Demon’s huge body floated in the air due to the momentum from the Magic Sword piercing its belly.

At the same time, Set also leapt and dragged the Magic Sword out from the belly of the now overturned Demon.

The Magic Sword was drenched in power and the surging wind pressure sliced the Demon’s torso in half.

With blood splattering all around it, the two chunks of flesh fell to the ground.

“What in the ……?”

Both the other Demons as well as Satis were astonished by this scene.

As soon as the young soldier landed silently, he swung the Magic Sword, sending the blood on its edge flying.

He pulled a knife from the sheath on his thigh and held it in his opposite hand.

He looked at the Demon with his own unique dual sword stance.

“You ……!”

The Monkey Demon and the Spider Demon jumped at him at the same time.


“Boy, run away!”

Satis shouted.

The two demons were different from other small fries.

No matter his skills as a Magic Sword user, it was absurd to battle two of them at the same time.

Just as his small body was about to be swallowed up by the two huge, hideous bodies, she heard a loud.

“It’s meaningless!”

Set’s emotionless voice echoed in the background.

It was his nature with the aspect of a young soldier who was also a Magic Sword user.

It was ──── carnage.



Set dashed to Demon Monkey’s feet and dexterously stabbed him in the cartilage of his knee joint with the knife in his opposite hand.

While the giant Spider Demon was frightened, Set slashed through the right leg of the giant Spider Demon, which had been slightly slowed down by Demon Monkey’s figure, moving like a spinning top.

The knife and the Magic Sword in the opposite hand turned into a whirlwind, swallowing the two Demons.

Each of the Demon fell down with a scream and a roar, but they were not dead yet.

It was now that the power of the Magic Sword was released.

The blade of the sword turned red, and as if in response, Set’s eyes also turned red.

Set’s figure disappeared in an instant, and the next moment he appeared before Satis’s eyes as if protecting her.

A little later, countless bright red slashes from the Magic Sword struck the Demons trying to attack her.


Screaming desperately, they were transformed into lumps of flesh.

The battle lasted only for a few minutes.

Set regulated his breathing and like an exotic ‘Samurai’, returned his Magic Sword into space with a bloody swing and a sheathing motion.


Satis emerged from her fear as she fixed her misaligned glasses as she looked at Set.
He had an expressionless face devoid of any joy or sorrow.

It was just like a void.

His face disclosed that there existed no emotion within his heart.

It was the face of a ‘killer’ who had destroyed his enemies in a clerical, workman and warlike manner.

With that cold, inorganic, expressionless face he asked.

“……Were you hurt?”

“Eh, No!”

“I’m glad to hear that.
This area is also dangerous.
Strong monsters often appear near the Demon King’s territory after all.

They finally returned to the cabin, their place of rest.

However, this was not the way they could always be.



“You saved me?”

“Why did you kill them? Were you worried that they would create trouble for you in the future?”

Puzzled by this question, Set finally opened his mouth after a brief silence.
His answer was devoid of any hesitation, just like a calm lake or a serene stream of river.

“I didn’t want to die, so I killed them.
It is a feeling that those who have lived on the battlefield have.”

“But……you saw me now, didn’t you? I’m not the old me anymore.
I’m scared of Demons that are lower in rank than me, and I couldn’t even move a moment ago.It’s funny, isn’t it? I can’t believe that a woman who has looked down on you, tried to trap and humiliate you so much would…… reveal such a deplorable appearance.”

Set stared blankly at Satis’s dejected expression.

At times like this, a man would say something witty, but he, who only had limited interpersonal relationships, could not think of such words at all.

But for some reason, Set could not leave her alone now.

He asked her, “Hey, what’s the battlefield like for you?”

“A battlefield? What is this suddenly……?”

“Just answer.”

“For the…..
old me, it was a place where I could test my strength.
It was fun, actually, to watch the humans suffer under the pressure of our overwhelming power.”

Satis smiled weakly.

It was now a glory of the past that had disappeared into nothingness.

The eyes behind the glasses were filled with a sense of emptiness and despair.

The smile of the female witch, a former Demon Army General whose future was cut off, felt distorted with sadness and self-mockery.

“In other words, you have never been shocked to this……”

“This is the first time, isn’t it?”

The unmotivated expression on Satis’s face silenced him for a bit.

“It’s common for people to get shocked on the…… battlefield or under torture.
The first time you see a person in the field, you would be shocked.
I’ve seen it happen to a lot of people.”

“Humans may be like that, but…… I’m a demon.
I’m much stronger than humans…..”

“Does it matter whether you are a Demon or a Human in a fight? They are the same, they kill each other.
I was the same way.
Children and adults, all had their hearts broken on the battlefield or tortured.
I don’t laugh at or mock at those.”

Set replied by looking straight at Satis.

“…… you are a strange child, aren’t you?”

“I’m often told that.
I have no idea what they mean.”

“But… I owe it to you for helping me.
I always had an image of you just rushing in, but I was able to see you fight clearly today.”

“Since the Demon was talking to me, I had plenty of time to observe it.”

“That’s right… my lack of observation, huh.
Even if I were hostile, I might have been cut by you.”

Satis took a light deep breath and smiled a calmer smile than before.

She might have been so focused on her own pride and military prowess that she had not been able to see what was going on.

“Thinking about it, I feel a little better.”

“There would be no need for you to work so hard anymore.”

“What are you going to do now?”

“I haven’t decided yet.
I think I’m going to try adventuring.
I heard about it once from a Mercenary and I’ve always wanted to travel.
And one day I’m going to own my own house! Hey! Satis, why don’t you come with me!

“Yeah, but, I……”

“You don’t have anywhere to go, do you? What do you think?”

The moment he mentioned traveling, Satis saw an innocent sparkle in his eyes that was appropriate for his age.

“I’ve said a lot of terrible things to you and humiliated you, haven’t I?”

“It was on the battlefield.
We had to hate each other.
We couldn’t kill each other if we were friends.Besides, I think it’s a splendid way to fight by badmouthing your opponent and shaking their heart, you know? I can’t do much.”

“Kusu, you’re really funny.
Okay… let’s go together.
Oh, yes.
Boy, what’s your name?”

“Me? … I’m Set.
That’s what everyone calls me.”

“Set… it means ‘destruction and storm’.
Nice to meet you, I’m Satis, Set.”

Thus, the two walked under the guidance of Satis to escape from this forest.

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