Chapter 02: The talkative and bullish General has changed a lot …

Satis was lying prone on her stomach, motionless.

Her eyes were unfocused as if she was staring into space.

The beautiful legs covered with a black stocking-like texture cloth were heavily scarred, and there were also marks on her back that looked like she had been whipped.

Her beautiful and ample bosom was crushed by the weight of her own body and lay on the ground, spread out to the sides.

She was so weak and badly damaged that she no longer had the strength to attack or even speak.

What in the world was going on?

While confused, Set placed away the magic sword.

There were no signs of enemies around.

The woman was severely beaten and fell down after coming all the way here on her own.

So something must have happened within the Demon King’s army.

“…I need to check it out, maybe?”

He was no longer a member of the Hero party, but he was somewhat concerned and chose to help Satis for the moment.

I carried her with great care and started walking in the woods.

Then I found a mountain hut just in the right place, and although it was a simple type, I also found a bed.

I put her to bed there and went out to procure food and water.


(I can’t let my guard down yet … I have to ask Satis about the situation)

After an hour or so, I finally made it back to the cabin.

It was a good thing I had marked the trees with a knife scratch so I wouldn’t get lost.

I had fish, deer meat, and water.
Finally there was food.

When I opened the door, Satis had just woken up.

She was staring blankly at the ceiling with vacant eyes.

She seemed to have woken up.

I placed the harvest on the floor and called out to her, and she turned to me.

Immediately after that, Satis jumped up as if startled.


Set, thinking it was a hostile action, immediately unsheathed his knife and pointed the tip at her.

“Don’t move!”

Once again, the atmosphere was tense.

However, Satis was acting strangely.

“I don’t want to …… do this.
Stop …… forgive me ……, stop …….”

I had a sense of déjà vu as Satis muttered helplessly.

He was a young soldier whose heart had been broken on the battlefield.

Like him, Satis’ heart was completely broken.

She seemed to have no hostile intent, but one never knew what she might do suddenly.

I was not sure what she would do in a moment.

“ I’m not going to do anything, so just calm down …….”

“No ……, no ……!”

“Oh, God, …….
Okay, how about this?”

I prepared a large square table nearby and turned it sideways like a barricade and hid behind it.

I spoke to her, peeking out a little.

“Much better than being seen, isn’t it?”

Satis was momentarily taken aback by this strange action, but regained her composure.

But that didn’t change her frightened eyes.

“Haa…… haa…… the young soldier from the Hero party, right?


“You’re trying to trap me and kill me, aren’t you?”

“You think I have the brains for it? I can’t trick you, for one thing.”

The two of them talked over from the side of the table.

“I’m not sure and I don’t care what you’re doing.
I’m no longer a member of …… the Hero Party.”.


Satis muttered with a surprised look on her face.

It was true that he had some stupid points, but he was a threat in battle.

When it came to battle, he always stood on the front line, slashing with his magic sword.

When he was with the Heroes, Satis herself was afraid of his onslaught,…….

“What about you ……?”

“I …… am.”

Satis turned her head and fell silent, not wanting to say anything.

At any rate, Satis was now completely helpless.

Her body, which was gifted with a talent for magic, was almost devoid of magical energy.

“Hey, you want some food?”

“I don’t want any.”

After saying this, she lay down again and fell asleep with the futon covering her entire body.

Unable to ask any more questions, Set had no choice but to get himself some food for the day.

“……Well, let’s get a fire going.”

First, fish, which he would roast and eat..

Then, deer meat.

This would be delicious.

Grilled fish and grilled deer meat.

I shouldn’t eat it all.
I’ll save the rest and go hunting again at …….

Satis showed no sign of getting out of bed.

She was crying under the covers.

Day 1 at the cabin.

The two did not even speak to each other until nightfall.

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