know you were this cruel.
I’m removing you from the party today.”

“Wait! How do I get home from here?”

“You’ll figure it out on your own.
You should think for yourself and not rely on others to do it for you.
…… but in your case, you seem to have no choice but to kill, so you’ll probably end up as a brigand.
…… If that happens, we will crush you with all our might!”

Set could do nothing but stand there in a daze.

Time passed, and when it was almost noon, Set finally moved.

He wandered around, toddling through a land he knew neither right nor left.

“I’m hungry……what should I do? I haven’t had breakfast yet.”

Yes, let’s go into the forest.

The forest is a treasure trove of food.

But the only way to cook it is to grill it.

But it should be enough to fill my stomach.

I have only a few years of experience in survival, but I knew that if I didn’t put it into practice, I would starve to death.

With this in mind, I went into the forest.

The dense silence was completely isolated from the outside world.

The cool air caressed Set’s cheeks, making his limbs more tense as he walked, keeping a low posture and paying attention to his surroundings.

“I hear birds chirping and the sound of grass and trees swaying in the wind,…… And then something else.
An animal, no it shouldn’t be so loud ……?”

I unsheathed the knife attached to my thigh and held it in the opposite hand.

Sure enough, the sound came from a nearby bush.

But what appeared was an unexpected presence.

“Oh, you are ……!”

The being was “Satis,” the General who commanded the Demon King’s Army.

She was a tall, slender female demoness with shoulder-length pink hair tied back and wearing cute glasses.

She looked like a human in her twenties and wore a sensational leotard-like combat suit, and her open bosom was filled of feminine confidence and glamor.

She was a master of magic and intrigue, not to mention honey traps.

I had fought her off many times, but she still was broken by my strength after coming for me.

But there was no sign of her now.

Her suit was torn and tattered everywhere.

These marks looked as if they had been made by being punched or kicked.

Her jewel-like white skin was stained with blood and mud, and bruised in places.

The glasses she wore were broken, and the expression on her face, which used to be so bright, was as dark as if she were an inorganic object.

Her hair, which used to be tied up in a bun, now hung down to her shoulders in a disheveled bun.

Her eyes, which used to look down on others, had no light in them, and her lips, which used to be so dirty and flirtatious, were slightly open, scratching at her hair.



Thinking it was some kind of trap, Set summoned the magic sword from space.

He switched his knife to the left hand taking a stance for a twin-sword technique.

He stared at her as he jiggled his sword, but she didn’t do anything.

She stood there staring at Set all the while with eyes that had lost their light.


“Hey, you ……”

Satis didn’t even make her usual jokes like she was used to making fun of the people.
Not to mention that there was no attack with magic. 


Even if I spoke to her, there was no response.


She just stared at me powerlessly with a bewildered expression.

Finally, Satis collapsed on the spot.

“Oh, hey!”

I carefully approached Satis, who had fallen down and was still limp.

She seemed to have fainted.

Set, a young soldier and former member of the Hero party and a magic sword wielder, and Satis, a General from the Demon King’s army.

No one knew at the time that it was fate that brought them together in this forest.

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