e… Seto used the perfect opportunity to be appreciated and admired by everyone to keep his promise to Satis.

If he fought without a disguise, he would stand out in a strange way.

And if he used his magic sword, word would spread about that singularity of his, and he would likely be dragged into even more warfare.

If that happened, Seto would find himself on the battlefield again, and Satis would also suffer from these turbulent times.

That’s why… he wrapped a cloth around his body and put a mask over his face… so no one can recognize him.

It was not an order, it was a verbal promise.

She still wanted him to protect her, but she was deeply moved by Seto’s dedication to the battle, taking it as if it were a mission, even in such an emergency situation.

She was not sure if she could really let Seto protect her even though he was fighting with his life on the line.

This thought lit a fire in her, and she sharpened her eyes.

She would come to his aid, in the same way he did for her.

Monkey, I shall back you up!] (Satis)

Satis gathered her mana.

Not with the same enormous amount of power typical of demonfolks, but with the same output as humans.

[Take this!] (Satis)

The flame bullets she produced with her mana hit the monster in the face at high speed.

The explosions generated a large amount of smoke, from which Seto’s eyes met with Satis’ through the former’s mask.

———Use your magic sword!

Now that the bystanders had their field of vision blocked, he was free to deliver the coup de grâce.

Satis had created this opportunity by overcoming her trauma.

Seto smiled under his mask as he found such an abrupt feat to be simply incredible.

He tossed away his two swords, which had lost their edge, and got ready to use a sword technique similar to the sword-based martial art Battoujutsu (*), from a Far East island country.
(* : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Batt%C5%8Djutsu)

The monster flinched as it opened its eyes slightly.

In front of him was that annoying monkey swordsman.

In the middle of all that smoke, as it was about to rush and bite down on him, the boy used his magic sword to reap its head in a flash.

It happened just like his fight with the monsters from the other day.

When he defeated that boar monster, he did so by summoning his magic sword out of thin air.

What he did now was the same.

His magic sword shot out of the side of his waist from the hilt at super high speed.

He grabbed it at the right moment and swung it in an arc.

———It was a light-speed slash.

The tip of the sword, which contained the most energy while maintaining super-high speed, dealt a fatal blow to the monster.

The magic sword, which was at the end of its swing, was instantly stored back into its dimensional pocket.

From the bystanders’ point of view, it was like an instant slash.

The monster, who was caught completely off-guard, died without letting out even one final cry as a torrent of blood gushed out from its gash.

By the time the smoke was cleared by the wind from the sword, it was all over.

The citizens who witnessed all this cheered excitedly, and praised the two protagonists for their bravery.

They also praised Satis for her immediate backup, and showered Seto, who was hiding his true identity with a monkey mask, with words of gratitude.

The boy, however, paid no mind to their excitement and dashed off.

Satis also used her magic to teleport away to an unpopulated location.

When Satis walked away from there and back to their room, she was greeted by Seto, looking nonchalant and humming to himself.

Then, as if to play dumb, he spoke up.

About time you came back.
I heard things got hectic at the southern plaza.
You okay?] (Seto)

[Yes, all thanks to you coming to my rescue.] (Satis)

[What do you mean? I just returned to our room a little ahead of time.
…I think you’re confusing me with some monkey from who knows where.] (Seto)

[Fufufu, perhaps I am.
And thanks to him, I managed to make one step forward.] (Satis)

[…I see.] (Seto)

Seto walked to the window and looked out over the city.

While their excitement was still high, the people started a huge commotion about celebrating the extermination of the monster.

[Seto, I think it’s time for us to leave this city.
…What do you say?] (Satis)

[Yeah, good idea.] (Seto)

Their peaceful voices filled the wooden room.

After a short rest, they decided to leave inconspicuously.

They had already decided on their next destination.

A village located further north from this town.

Until then, they enjoyed their time alone together in this room.

They sat on the bed, huddled together, holding hands.

That was enough for them for now.

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