A Former Child Soldier 11 – Last night passed like a nebulous fleeting dream…

He could feel a faint light hitting his eyelids.

When he opened them, the morning colors stimulated his eyes, like the bustle of people did for his ears.

[Is it morning already…?] (Seto)

Usually, he would wake up earlier than that.

But on this particular day, he apparently slept much longer than that.

Indeed, he was sleeping on the same bed as Satis last night…

[WHAT…!? No way! Did I… Seriously…!?] (Seto)

Upon remembering the events of last night and waking up at once, Seto jumped out of the bed.

Perhaps it was due to feeling shaken by the first time he ever thought of having a grown woman sleep together with him, but he fell off the bed.

Seto hit his head on the floor with a loud bang, and felt so ashamed he could not move from his position.

Or rather, he did not want to move.

Because if he did, he would be reminded of last night.

He did not have the endurance needed to bear with a shameful past event that he did not want to remember.

[…What are you even doing?] (Satis)

He heard Satis’ voice.

She was already dressed up, and apparently waiting for Seto to wake up.

As she looked down at Seto, who was slumped on the floor in a strange position, Satis invited him to breakfast.

[…What? You say you don’t need it for now? You can’t skip it! Breakfast is the most important meal.] (Satis)

[…Then help me get up.
I don’t think I can move.] (Seto)

[Get up on your own.] (Satis)

Satis’ harsh tone in the morning made Seto reluctant to get up.

His face was flushed, and he was averting his eyes from her.

He was having such a hard time putting his words together that he could not even say “Hi”.

[Hm? Are you feeling sick? You don’t seem to have a fever, though…] (Satis)

[W-Whoa! I-I’m fine! Really!] (Seto)

When she suddenly touched his forehead, he flinched in a panic.

He started gearing up, but he could not do it as quickly as usual.

His heart was pounding, and his hands were shaking.

Dammit… What the hell is going on with me…? This has never happened before…!

He managed to finish getting ready, and turned in Satis’ direction.

She was leaning against the wall near the door, smiling kindly and waiting for him.

Seto’s heart was instantly put at ease by that smile.

He did not know why, but seeing it calmed him down.

He could not hide his confusion at his own sudden change of heart, but for the time being, he went to breakfast with Satis.

They took the same seats as the day before, on the edge of the room.

Strangely enough, they felt at ease there.

Seto felt as if he had been here many times in the past with Satis.

It was a nostalgic sensation that he was not supposed to have in his daily life considering that his past only revolved around the battlefield.

This strange feeling made him feel at home, somehow.

With this thought in mind, he and his companion took their seats.

For breakfast, they had light soup with bread.

And hot scrambled eggs with plenty of ketchup.

Having this much to eat for a morning meal alone was like a dream for him.

At this peaceful time, people were gathering in the market outside, bringing life to the city. 

In this space far away from the battlefield, the two of them enjoyed their time together.

But… I just can’t help but stare at her…!

Perhaps it was because of their height difference, but his eyes kept drifting toward Satis, who was sitting in front of him, and her chest.

He had never been so aware of it before, but her sensual combat suit just put so much emphasis on shaping her lovely cleavage.

Her lips moved in a seductive manner as she ate, and her eyes sparkled serenely during this time of relaxation.

She had the best proportions a woman could have, something he never noticed at all back when they were enemies.

But after what happened last night, Seto had developed some sort of guilt he felt for seeing Satis in such a naughty way sometimes.

[…What’s the matter? You’ve been staring at me for a while now.] (Satis)

[H-Have I!? It’s nothing, I’m the same as usual…] (Seto)

[…Uh-huh…] (Satis)

Slightly flustered, Seto quickened the pace of his eating so he could focus only on his meal.

At that moment, Satis quickly reached out for Seto’s lower lip and touched it with her fingertip.

That alone startled him.

He was wondering what this was about, but apparently, he had a bit of ketchup on it.

Which she wiped off with her fingertip, but then…

[Hmm…] (Satis)

Satis licked it off in an easygoing manner, as if it were the natural thing to do.

Without taking her eyes off Seto, and while staring at him.

[W… Wha-…!?] (Seto)

[For a naughty boy who gawks at a woman’s bust, this is the most fitting punishment, right?] (Satis)

After saying that, she smiled wickedly and sipped her coffee in silence.

Seto also tried to bring his glass of water to his mouth, but his hands were shaking so much he spilled some of it.

Is this woman… trying to kill me…!?, thought Seto, desperately trying to repress the feeling that he might die in agony here and now.

If this kept happening, he could actually die.

That was just how sensual and alluring she was.

Think of something… and regain your composure! I’m a soldier! I’m a soldier! I’m a soldier! I’m a soldier! I’m a soldier! I’m a soldier…! …Alright!

He was done thinking and suggested a program for today.

[Hey, Satis.
How about we split up for today?] (Seto)

[Eh?] (Satis)

[I was thinking about doing a lot of sightseeing in town! So, what do you think?] (Seto)

[And you don’t want me to come with you? …Don’t you want to enjoy the beauty of this city during daytime, just the two of us?] (Satis)

He was at a loss for words.

Satis’ offer was way too tempting for him at the moment.

Spending time with her.

Just the thought of it made his heart flutter.

Satis seemed to have completely seen through his ruse, and deliberately emphasized her breasts while resting her chin in her hand as she glamorously gazed at him.

Ah… It’s no use.
I can’t win against her.

Immediately after that instinctive realization, Satis chuckled.

[Fufufu…! I guess I teased you a bit too much.
…All right.
Let’s go along with your suggestion today.] (Satis)

[Eh? Are you sure?] (Seto)

[However, make sure not to get involved in any fight.
And if you do get involved anyway, please refrain from using your magic sword.] (Satis)

[Why… refrain?] (Seto)

[Magic swords are much more powerful than any regular weapon.
Imagine what people would think if they saw a child wielding something so dangerous.] (Satis)

[…You mean that I would attract danger from every direction?] (Seto)

[Well, roughly speaking, yes.
Because in the eyes of people who are used to their peaceful lives, a child who can use a magic sword is…] (Satis)

[A monster, huh…] (Seto)

[Besides, there’s also the possibility that some people would make you use this power for war again.
Now that you’ve finally achieved a peaceful life, you don’t want to go back to the battlefield, do you?] (Satis)

[…You’re right.
I understand.
I’ll keep my promise.] (Seto)

Thus, they decided to act separately today.

Apparently, Satis wanted to gather information and visit all sorts of places in the city.

In all honesty, he was not comfortable with Satis being the only one to do all the work.

However, all she responded to that was the following.

[You go enjoy your childhood and have fun.
I’ll let you know right away if I ever need your help.] (Satis)

Taking her up on her offer, Seto walked alone in the city.

This was the first time he had ever walked the streets like this.

The overflow crowd was a fresh sight for him.

As he roamed the streets without much to do, he bumped into someone at a corner.

[Ah…! Sorry.
Are you okay?] (Seto)

When he addressed the other party…

[Ow…! Hey, watch where you’re goi—! Oh wait, it’s just you, boy? And here I thought we wouldn’t meet again.
Hahaha! Now that’s a strange coincidence!] (Holmes)

[You’re… Holmes?] (Seto)

It turned out to be the dandy man he met in the bathhouse.

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