Chapter 01: To the party of Hero, I was just a slaughterer

He had been a young soldier since he was five years old who was forced to carry a weapon in his hands..

His fighting prowess was so great that by the time he turned 12, he was known as “Destruction and Storm” for his achievements as a young soldier.

This became a symbolic name to describe him.

He was the only one of the young soldiers who had the aptitude for magic sword, and his swordsmanship alone was as talented as any other adult.

He could literally wreak havoc and storm on the battlefield.

But that was all Set could do.

When an adult soldier told him to charge, he charged, and when he was told to guard the Lord he did.

That was all Set could do.

Most of the chores on the battlefield were the responsibility of the young soldiers, but Set was too clumsy to be able to do anything other than fight.

Normally, he would have been mistreated by the adults at that point, but because of his aptitude with a magic sword, he was given special treatment to a certain extent and entrusted with the care of weapons.

For Set, the only “human contact” he had was usually on the battlefield and with adult soldiers.

He survived on the battlefield between the adults and the other young soldiers, while acting stout and looking his age.

That was all Set could do.

One day, in his kingdom, he was selected to join the party of Heroes.

Recently, demons had become active and were threatening the people.

A young Hero, who had noticed Set’s fighting ability, selected him.

The King had no objection to the words of the Hero and gladly allowed him to accompany him.

However, Set was suddenly dropped from the party during the journey.

“Set, it was a mistake to include you in this party.”

“Why is that?It’s true that I can’t do the chores and all that, …… but I’m still going to be useful in battle!”

One morning by the shore of a lake.

While the other party members were getting ready, one of the Heroes talked to him alone.

At that time, he said these words of disappointment.

They were already halfway through the journey and had already defeated various enemies.
The Demon King’s territory was close.

“You are a good fighter.
To be honest, I am surprised at that.
But you have nothing to do but fight.
You have nothing else to do but to kill.
Everything else is completely useless.
I can only think that you lack human dignity and cooperation.”

“You’re going to …… kill the Demon King, aren’t you? What else is there to do but fight?

“That’s true.
But you can’t cook or carry your luggage.
Right now you’re just a slaughterer who attacks people and monsters regardless!”

“I’m sorry that I’m so clumsy that I can’t do my chores.
But fighting is killing, isn’t it? The other side is coming to kill us.
…… If we don’t kill them, they will kill us!”

The enemies they met on our journey were not always demons.

Sometimes they were human beings.

While people with various reasons and missions, such as bandits and enemy nations, attacked the Hero party, they involuntarily gasped at Set’s cruelty.

He slashed them to death with the magic sword in his hand without changing expressions.

He did not hesitate to kill equally …… those who begged for their lives and those who ran away in fear.

In many cases, his opponents were turned into lumps of meat by the sheer force of his killing.

The party members who saw this inhuman and overkillful scene looked at Set as a creature more fearsome than a demon.

“This is a journey to save humanity.
Not to murder!”

“What’s the difference?”

“…… Enough.
I didn’t

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