them in a proper manner, and when she changed her words to “Father!” and “Mother!” with a smile, everyone was relieved!

fine! fine! The new daughter-in-law is kind.

   Shao Yunyun, who knew that Qiao Xuan had a criminal record, was the most relieved – this woman didn’t make any trouble, and even behaved much better than he thought, he really figured it out after thinking about it.
   There are not so many cumbersome rules in the farmhouse.
After tea, you can change your mouth and meet with family members one by one.

  The mother-in-law Fang Shi smiled and said some auspicious, auspicious, praise and encouragement words, and soon the crowd dispersed, what to do.

  Qiao Xuan thought for a while, and then resolutely followed up with her mother-in-law Fang.

   In this era, it is very important to gain the favor of my mother-in-law.

  The support of my mother-in-law is the only way to gain a firm foothold in this family.
Otherwise, I will face endless troubles and troubles.

   When the tea was being served just now, the Shao family was watching her secretly.
Isn’t she the same?

   And the mother-in-law is of course the most important person who needs to be observed.

   Judging by Qiao Xuan’s acquaintance’s eyes, her mother-in-law is generally a good one.
This is just right, the space for her to play has suddenly become larger.

   “Mother” Qiao Xuan took a few steps to catch up with Mrs.
Fang, smiling and well-behaved: “What do I need to do, please ask my mother to teach me, I don’t know anything, I will worry about it later.”

   “Ouch—” Fang shi suddenly grinned, and looked at Qiao Xuan kindly and said, “No, no, you, just take good care of your husband in the future, and let him concentrate on his studies.
This family’s affairs don’t need you!”

   This is the daughter of the county magistrate.
It’s normal if you don’t know how to work.
Besides, there are people doing the housework, so she doesn’t need her.

   She is so sensible and won’t be chaotic at home, Fang is so happy, where would she be allowed to work?
  Qiao Xuan was a little surprised and laughed in her heart.
How many cards have been drawn in this card is not bad!

   She insisted on a few words, and she had an excellent attitude of being diligent and willing to learn, which made Mrs.
Fang happier and decided to let her rest!
  Qiao Xuan pushed again and again but couldn’t, and then gave up.

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