ate’s daughter.
This status is not in her mother’s family, but in her husband’s family, it is destined to be her umbrella.
As long as she uses it properly, her life will not be bad.

   In addition, her husband has wide shoulders and narrow waist, good temperament, high nose bridge, clear outline of handsome face, and bright eyes like stars, which is really seductive to look at, she, she is not at a loss.
   Her husband is a student of Minghua College in the county.
She has already passed the examination for a scholar at a young age.
Maybe she will be able to become a scholar or a jinshi in the future.
She really does not lose.
   Besides, we will talk about the future.
Right now, it’s obviously more beneficial to stay at the husband’s house, but of course I can’t leave!

  Qiao Xuan made a quick decision, pinched her thigh hard, thinking that it was too miserable for her to pass through, her nose was sore, and tears came up all at once.

   She gave Shao Yunyun a tearful look, and choked with tears: “I was just confused for a while, so I did something stupid.
Now I understand it! Don’t worry, I will never do such a thing again!”

“Ha!” Shao Yunyun sneered, his eyes seemed to be quenched with ice, “Second Miss is a precious and precious daughter, our Shao family is just a poor family in the countryside, so it is not worthy of Second Miss, and it is no wonder that Second Miss will be confused for a while.
‘I can’t think of it! The second miss really doesn’t have to feel wronged.
I will definitely take care of everything in front of Mr.
After two or three years, the second miss will be transferred to leave here with Mr.
Qiao, and no one will know about it.
By then, Second Miss will naturally find a good husband again, wouldn’t it be the best of both worlds?”

   Shao Yunyun was not very happy with this marriage, but what can he do?
  Who told him to jump down to save someone without thinking about it when he saw someone falling into the water? Who knew it would.
   He originally thought, even if this second Miss Qiao family is squeamish, he will recognize it.
will treat her well.

   But who would have thought that in a day like marriage, she actually disliked her own family and would rather kill herself.

  How can Shao Yunyun calm down easily?

  Qiao Xuan secretly complained in her heart, the original owner really made her miserable!

  Although, it is impossible to reconcile with, and it is absolutely impossible to reconcile!

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