A Bet with Mighty Evil Being

Chapter 3: The Beast

Samuel stepped away from the wall. Standing around in a daze wasn going to help him anyway, and panicking definitely wouldn . Whether he was dreaming or this was real, he needed to keep it together!

A cool breeze blows in through the door, and suddenly Samuel painfully aware of how few clothes he has on.

His flush; that bizarre woman had seen him like this!

He hurriedly walks to his closet and takes out a pair of pants.

Skipping laundry day he had limited choice of clothes, but considering the bright, sunny landscape outside, he figure some sneakers, a t-shirt and jeans should be fine.

As he buckles on his belt, he looks around the room for anything else that might be useful.

Samuels bag is by the end of his bed where hed dropped it the night before, after opening it, he finds his usual documents, his laptop, and a half-empty bottle of water inside.

Nothing special, but at the least the laptop and water would be useful. He hadn seen a stream, river or anything outside, so that little bit of water might be all he had to drink for a long while.

He pulls on the bag and keeps looking around the room.

Paintings and photographs hanging on the walls, and theres a small pile of papers, dirty clothes and old, half-forgotten Christmas presents strewn across the top of your dresser.

Theres not a lot else in the room, but as he looks towards the bed once more, his eyes fix on the flute.

It was small for a flute, barely a foot long as Samuel hold it in his hands.

The urge to blow it rises in Samuel the longer he looks at it, and he hurriedly shoves it into his bag.

Staring at the flute any longer than he had to was probably not a good idea by any means.

Samuel walks back to the replica dagger, and with a few tugs he pulls it free from the wall.

Samuel brother had always told him that a knife was useful if he ever found himself in unknown problems, and besides, he could use the dagger to defend himself.

Not that it seemed itd be much help against Lamia, but who could say what else might be outside?

Nothing else seems of use in his bedroom; he can think of a reason why the blankets off the bed might be useful, and his phone was nowhere to be seen.

It was probably in his office on the charger, which was wherever the rest of his house was. There was nothing else to do here, then.

Sulking around waiting for someone to find him or to wake up from this dream, wouldn really help things, since the former might be trouble and the latter would happen regardless.

Samuel step through his bedroom door and fresh, clean air fill his lungs. The faint crunch of crisp grass beneath his feet and faint birdsong fills his ears.

The land all around was staggeringly beautiful, and he turn, staring along the vast tracts of flowered fields that stretch to the horizon.

A tall forest of blue trees stands to his left, and to the right, a slowly climbing hill rises, hiding his view of whatever lay further that way.

He could climb that for a better view of the terrain, maybe.

Samuel glance up at the two suns. He can vaguely recall something about binary stars being more common in the universe than single stars from an astronomy course youd taken years ago, so maybe he was on some kind of alien world?

Great. A crazy alien had abducted Samuel and taken him to whatever planet she called home!

Samuel turns around to see whats behind his room, and jumps. His bedroom has vanished without a trace!

Distant, snow-capped mountains rise far in the distance, beyond a dense forest and a series of long, rolling hills, but there was a distinct lack of any bed or any kind of room!

As Samuel look around for any sign of his suddenly absent home, he catch sight of a line of two-foot-tall white stalks sticking up out of the ground to his right.

Samuel stare at them for a moment; they almost looked like bones, or maybe spines.

Why hadn he seen those before? Samuel stares at the stalks for a moment, then he looks away, searching along the horizon for any sign of where he should head next or find any type of clue to his next destination.

Samuel sees movement out of the corner of his eye and looks towards the tree line. A figure stands there, hands waving above its head frantically.

Samuel can just hear faint, desperate cries coming from it, but its too far away for him to make out whatever he/shes yelling.

Was it someone looking for help? Or were they calling to him about something else?


It occurs to Samuel that the figure in the distance could be trying to warn him about something, and he quickly looks down to check the ground at his feet.

A smaller, slimmer white stalk protrudes from the ground by his right foot, but it doesn look particularly dangerous, and Samuel does have a dagger in his hand.

Samuels brother had demonstrated him, how genuine a reproduction it was when hed given it to him, so Samuel know how can he defend himself with it.

Samuel ignores the white stalk by his foot and starts to walk toward the distant figure.

e quite a ways off, and there didn seem to be any immediate threat, so why run?

Hed be tired out for sure by the time he reached them if he did so, and for all he knew, they were trying to lure him over.

Better to approach cautiously, just in case all of the people in this world were as devious as he had seen Lamia.

Thinking about the strange, large breast woman brings her face and name back into his mind like a knife stabbing into his face.

They sounded, hurling themselves to the front of his mind, for an instant forcing aside all his other thought, ”Face me at Fort Caliburn, or blow the flute to concede! ” echoes through his mind, and then the strange thought passes and Lamias face fades from his vision.

That bitch had done something to his head to make sure he couldn forget what she wanted him to do!


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